In this imagined novel, Amy Bloom takes us inside the deep love relationship between First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and AP reporter, investigator for Federal Emergency Relief  Agency investigator, and later on, executive of the Democratic National Committee, Lorena “Hick” Hickock. The two come together and apart and together and apart again. The dialogue between the two women, alleged lovers, sizzles. They are both staggeringly intelligent and have no small amount of sass. I enjoyed seeing this side of Eleanor Roosevelt, long one of my heroes, and found Hick an intriguing woman, as talented in her way (authoring several books along with her other activities) as the more famous First Lady. The book did an excellent job of portraying the wonders—and the difficulties and heartache—that occur when two such amazing women on the world stage care for one another in a world where such loves were not tolerated.


Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickock