Madeline Miller somehow got on the inside of a goddess to write this book about Circe, a nymph and a witch, so the myths tell. Her writing style is clear, crisp, evocative. She brings to life the myriad character flaws of the gods and goddesses, as well as those of famous human characters like Daedalus, Medea, Odysseus and Penelope. Not to mention fabulous beings like Helios, Hermes, and Athena. Interesting, improbable things happen in the book, a number of them I’d heard of and some either were invented by Miller or I simply hadn’t known, but either way all seemed totally in keeping with the nature of the god or person in question. But what I found most stunning in this book that’s well worth your time to read, is how eerily adept Miller is at imagining and inhabiting the godhood of Circe and her family. Well done!