I was recently interviewed for cable and YouTube, my first interview as the author of 48 PEAKS, Hiking and Healing in the White Mountain! How lucky can you get?

Was I nervous? Morbidly. Beth Sobiloff, my interviewer, had decided that, given the nature of my memoir, we should film outdoors. I was granted a reprieve when it rained on the scheduled day. Yay!

By the time the rain date rolled around and the sun was shining, I was somehow less jittery. When I arrived at Houghton Pond in the Blue Hills Reservation in Milton, MA, I texted Beth I’d arrived. She pulled up a few minutes later and got out of her car. Though we didn’t really know one another, Beth and I were from the same class at Smith College.

As soon as I saw Beth’s face and heard her friendly, unstressed voice, I knew I was in good hands. I relaxed. Even got excited. No one had ever sat down with me before and asked questions for half an hour about one of my favorite subjects: my book. What a gift! Beth made me immediately comfortable, and I had a wonderful time talking with her.

See what you think about our results. Click here to see my first televised author interview.

Let me know your reactions! I’d like to hear them.