It was magical. Senator Elizabeth Warren—I can’t say that often enough—Senator Elizabeth Warren re-enacted her official swearing in down in Washington, DC with an unofficial one at Roxbury Community College on Saturday, January 5, 2013.

I repeat, it was magical.

Women’s Voices

On stage were a racially diverse group of famous and interesting people, including Governor Deval Patrick and soon-to-be-Secretary of State John Kerry. But something we don’t often see at public events like this was also true: women were prominent.

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan swore Senator Warren in. Attorney General Martha Coakley (my personal favorite for governor in 2014) graced the stage, along with State Auditor Suzanne Bump. Former Sheriff Andrea Cabral, now Secretary for Public Safety and Security spoke briefly. Dr. Linda Edmonds Turner, President of Roxbury Community College emceed the event. The Reverend who closed the ceremony was a woman.

A 13-year old girl with a knock-out voice blew us all away with the national anthem. A small troop of Girl Scouts led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Females were both celebrated and in charge.

And the issue of women taking our rightful place in the public domain was, for once, on everyone’s lips.

The Sound of History

There were moving moments. Senator Kerry introduced Senator Warren with a joke about how long he’d been the junior Senator from Massachusetts, but turned it into a tribute to Ted Kennedy when he said there wasn’t a person in the room who didn’t wish he were still the junior Senator.

Senator Warren opened her speech, as she often does, by sharing her achievement with everyone who voted for her and worked on her behalf, offering her grateful thanks.

Her swearing in—the fact of hearing a woman say those words for the first time in Massachusetts’ history—gave me goose bumps. We don’t always get a chance to be present as history is created. When we do, it’s a moment to cherish .