Through this now famous red-winged hawk family, I have met the nicest man named Andy. I first met him when I walked up to a guy looking into a big black camera with a telephoto lens longer than my leg. He kindly offered to lower the tripod so I could see, and when I peered in it was as if I’d dropped into the hawks’ nest to say howdy.

I raved so much Andy volunteered to snail mail me some of his better pictures. I gave him my address, thinking he probably, like the rest of us, would get too busy and forget or not have the time. But here they are: fabulous pictures!

Lucy Profile

The littlest chick ,born several days after the second and perhaps ten or more days after the first, has had us worrying, would the baby survive? By now s/he’s been named, as have all the chicks, in a naming contest held by Ernie Sarro on his CCTV station. Here is beautiful, undaunted Lucky in profile.

Here s/he is showing his mettle, testing her wings by pumping iron, so to speak, as all the chicks have been doing preparatory to the day, perhaps this very weekend, when they will need those muscles to take their first flights.

Lucky testing wings

Lucky still has a lot more baby down than siblings Lucy and Larry. Behind them all appears the watchful momma, Ruby. Poppa Buzz is probably off hunting to help feed the ravenous brood.

Lucky in front, downy white, Lucy and Larry and Ruby behind

Speaking of food, here goes Ruby, most likely in search of food herself. She and Buzz have worked hard and faithfully to bring in enough food that the little ones seem not to have to fight over morsels. In this incredible picture you can clearly see the light glowing through the auburn feathers that earned this type of hawk its name.

Ruby flying out of nest showing red tail

If you’re enjoying these updates, or getting sick of them, please comment and let me know. Meantime, you can see Ernie’s latest video of the family at Red-tail Chicks Ready to Fly.

And Andy Provost, thank you, thank you, thank you!