Cheryl Suchors grew up in the South, East and Mid-West of the United States. She grew even more living with a Mexican family one summer when all she pretty much knew how to say was, ¿Cómo está? That summer ignited a passion for travel and languages, leading her to major in Hispanic Studies and spend her junior year of college in Spain.

Not cut out to be a Spanish teacher or an international banker, Cheryl worked in New Orleans at a world trade center for a year, dropped out on the shores of Massachusetts and wound up, paradoxically, as a course assistant at business school. Cheryl got an MBA and went on to be a management consultant, telecommunications officer, partner in a national accounting and consulting firm and president of her own small consulting company.

Eventually, she found the courage to launch her second career and produce the novel she had always secretly longed to write. That didn’t happen. Or rather, several versions of the novel exist, but they’re not pretty. She’s written short stories, poems, and essays; some of these have been published. Currently, she’s working on a book-length memoir about hiking and life. She’s been an intemperate reader since she first learned how.

When she’s not writing or reading, Cheryl is probably working for a feminist organization or a political candidate. She took a year off to volunteer in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s historic campaign for the presidency in 2008. She has campaigned for Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, Governor Deval Patrick, Congresswoman Katherine Clark, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Ed Markey and other Democratic candidates over the years at the state and national level. She is co-founder of Operation Speak Out, a group committed to combating sexism in the media and legislature.

Physical training and healing are big parts of Cheryl’s life. She considers herself something of an expert on injuries and surgeries (she’s had 10 of the latter) and has tried many alternative modes of healing. She is, for example, a level II Reiki practitioner.  She’s also a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma in 2000. (Yes, all those years ago; take heart!) Due to some side effects of her treatment, she’s also experienced 11 oral surgeries.

Her favorite activity involves mountains, hiking poles and nature. With various combinations of her stalwart husband, her adventuresome daughter and a few hearty friends, she climbed all of the 48 White Mountains of NH higher than 4000 feet. She’s also hiked in Colorado, Switzerland, Spain, California, Utah, Montana, Maine and Massachusetts. She’s a member of the Four Thousand Footer Club, the Appalachian Mountain Club, the American Hiking Society and the Sierra Club.

Cheryl lives in the Boston area with her family and a plethora of plants. Because of her diverse passions, she blogs in the five areas shown on this website.